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A businesswoman protests for 75 days before Public Works against defaults in the works of the AVE

A businesswoman protests for 75 days before Public Works against defaults in the works of the AVE

He assures that UTE Santa Ana owes him 780,000 euros and that he now lives on “humanitarian aid”

A 27-year-old Cordoba businesswoman and roads, canals and ports engineer, María Jesús Horcas, has been running for 75 days in front of the doors of the Ministry of Public Works of the Junta de Andalucía to demand that she be paid “what she has worked for ” His company was a subcontractor of a UTE (Temporary Union of Companies) in charge of carrying out the works of a section of the Seville-Granada AVE.

María Jesús owns the company Procasur 2005 SL and since November 4 she travels every day from Córdoba to Seville to demonstrate with her father, sometimes sleeping in her van to denounce her situation. The objective of his protest is to get him to receive the Minister of Public Works, Josefina Cruz, to explain his case, since, according to the businesswoman, UTE Santa Ana owes a total of 780,000 euros. In addition, he thinks that the Junta de Andalucía “as owner” must intervene as civil liability subsidiary.


Speaking to Europa Press Televisión, María Jesús explained that the works in which her company worked as subcontractor of the UTE Santa Ana, formed by Bruesa Rail and Corsan Corvián, are those of the Seville-Granada AVE, “specifically in the section of Fuente de Piedra to Santa Ana “, commissioned by the Public Works Council.

In this sense, he reported that his work consisted of “earth movements” and that his company, Procasur 2005, signed a contract with the UTE for one year, “from March 2009 to February 2010”. But the UTE Santa Ana rescinded the contract five months before the agreement, a situation that claims to have led to ruin.

“It all started because they wanted me to sign a document saying that both parties agreed to stop the excavations and I said no, because I had a lot of work ahead and my contract was one year,” the engineer said anguished .

In addition, it has denounced that the UTE Santa Ana owes them the months of October and November of 2009 and the supplement of transport from May of that same year, which amounts to a total of 780,000 euros. “Without paying that, I kept paying my employees and creditors, but when you do not have an income and you continue to pay, there comes a time when you run out of liquidity, without money, and some of my creditors denounced me and then the foreclosures and I had to stop working. “

For all this, this Cordovan businesswoman went to the Ministry of Public Works to “ask for help,” even going to sleep in his van in front of the doors of this department of the Junta de Andalucía to denounce his situation. There he was advised to sue the Santa Ana UTE. María Jesús denounced, and since then she is requesting an interview with the counselor to explain her case, without receiving a response.

“humanitarian aid”

“We were a well-to-do family and now we live on the humanitarian aid offered by a nun’s school in Cordoba and the food that our relatives buy for us” lamented this young businesswoman.

In addition, he assured that his family is going through “very bad” due to the situation they are in, which he describes as “total injustice”. He added that what he does every day before the doors of Public Works is “how to ask for alms, when you have worked for them and you have earned them, and all because they do not pay you”.

Finally, María Jesús has assured that she will continue to demonstrate before Public Works until she is paid. “I do not have anything because everything has been taken from me,” the young businesswoman concluded.


Ute Santa Ana

For its part a spokesman of the UTE Santa Ana has assured Europa Press Television that rescinded the contract with Procasur 2005 SL for “repeated disobedience of the orders of the head of works, the head of production and the manager of work, facts of which even a notary took minutes. “

In addition, the UTE has ensured that “they overloaded the trucks and went through the work at an excessive speed, putting at risk the occupational health of the rest of the people”. Regarding the debt, UTE Santa Ana has said that it owes Procasur 2005 SL “around 200,000 euros” and not 780,000 as María Jesús Horcas assures.

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