The chic apartment in a good location or the family house in the countryside

The chic apartment in a good location or the family house in the countryside

real estate costs a lot of money. Buyers usually take out a loan. Sometimes they take over with it. To prevent this from happening so quickly, the European Parliament passed new rules on consumer protection in Strasbourg on Tuesday. They should apply from April 2015, when the EU member states have formally adopted the compromise.


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What exactly has the EU decided?

Consumers should in future be fully informed about risks and costs before concluding a real estate loan. What is new here is that the bank must inform the customer exactly about the future interest and repayment obligations. Suppliers must also use a single European fact sheet to help shoppers compare loans better.

At the same time, customers should be able to repay loans ahead of schedule. In Germany, construction loans usually have a long interest rate. Who wants to pay the sum before the end of the agreed term, for which it is often expensive. These compensation payments are limited – but remain allowed.

What does this mean for consumers in Germany?

Above all, consumers can profit in this country from the duty to inform. “Today you are usually not informed about how rising interest rates affect your financing,” explains Max Herbst of the FMH financial consulting in Frankfurt. “Banks often act as if today’s interest rate will persist within the next 40 years.” But those who borrow in the current low-interest phase must adjust to higher interest rates in the future.

For example, a loan of 100,000 euros with a term of 10 years currently costs an average of 2.79 percent interest. The monthly rate in this case is around 396 euros with a repayment of 2 percent. If the customer has to pay 6 percent interest after expiry of the fixed interest rate, his monthly rate rises to around 604 euros.

What is the point of a real estate loan?

In Germany, real estate loans are usually given with a fixed term. The longer the term, the higher the interest rate. What sounds unfavorable, can still be worthwhile. Although you pay with a term of 15 years, about 0.5 percent more than 10 years, but at the same time there is a longer interest rate security and thus more time to take care of a follow-up financing. Customers should also agree to special repayment and redemption changes in writing.


A businesswoman protests for 75 days before Public Works against defaults in the works of the AVE

A businesswoman protests for 75 days before Public Works against defaults in the works of the AVE

He assures that UTE Santa Ana owes him 780,000 euros and that he now lives on “humanitarian aid”

A 27-year-old Cordoba businesswoman and roads, canals and ports engineer, María Jesús Horcas, has been running for 75 days in front of the doors of the Ministry of Public Works of the Junta de Andalucía to demand that she be paid “what she has worked for ” His company was a subcontractor of a UTE (Temporary Union of Companies) in charge of carrying out the works of a section of the Seville-Granada AVE.

María Jesús owns the company Procasur 2005 SL and since November 4 she travels every day from Córdoba to Seville to demonstrate with her father, sometimes sleeping in her van to denounce her situation. The objective of his protest is to get him to receive the Minister of Public Works, Josefina Cruz, to explain his case, since, according to the businesswoman, UTE Santa Ana owes a total of 780,000 euros. In addition, he thinks that the Junta de Andalucía “as owner” must intervene as civil liability subsidiary.


Speaking to Europa Press Televisión, María Jesús explained that the works in which her company worked as subcontractor of the UTE Santa Ana, formed by Bruesa Rail and Corsan Corvián, are those of the Seville-Granada AVE, “specifically in the section of Fuente de Piedra to Santa Ana “, commissioned by the Public Works Council.

In this sense, he reported that his work consisted of “earth movements” and that his company, Procasur 2005, signed a contract with the UTE for one year, “from March 2009 to February 2010”. But the UTE Santa Ana rescinded the contract five months before the agreement, a situation that claims to have led to ruin.

“It all started because they wanted me to sign a document saying that both parties agreed to stop the excavations and I said no, because I had a lot of work ahead and my contract was one year,” the engineer said anguished .

In addition, it has denounced that the UTE Santa Ana owes them the months of October and November of 2009 and the supplement of transport from May of that same year, which amounts to a total of 780,000 euros. “Without paying that, I kept paying my employees and creditors, but when you do not have an income and you continue to pay, there comes a time when you run out of liquidity, without money, and some of my creditors denounced me and then the foreclosures and I had to stop working. “

For all this, this Cordovan businesswoman went to the Ministry of Public Works to “ask for help,” even going to sleep in his van in front of the doors of this department of the Junta de Andalucía to denounce his situation. There he was advised to sue the Santa Ana UTE. María Jesús denounced, and since then she is requesting an interview with the counselor to explain her case, without receiving a response.

“humanitarian aid”

“We were a well-to-do family and now we live on the humanitarian aid offered by a nun’s school in Cordoba and the food that our relatives buy for us” lamented this young businesswoman.

In addition, he assured that his family is going through “very bad” due to the situation they are in, which he describes as “total injustice”. He added that what he does every day before the doors of Public Works is “how to ask for alms, when you have worked for them and you have earned them, and all because they do not pay you”.

Finally, María Jesús has assured that she will continue to demonstrate before Public Works until she is paid. “I do not have anything because everything has been taken from me,” the young businesswoman concluded.


Ute Santa Ana

For its part a spokesman of the UTE Santa Ana has assured Europa Press Television that rescinded the contract with Procasur 2005 SL for “repeated disobedience of the orders of the head of works, the head of production and the manager of work, facts of which even a notary took minutes. “

In addition, the UTE has ensured that “they overloaded the trucks and went through the work at an excessive speed, putting at risk the occupational health of the rest of the people”. Regarding the debt, UTE Santa Ana has said that it owes Procasur 2005 SL “around 200,000 euros” and not 780,000 as María Jesús Horcas assures.

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Stock Trading Software That Automates Your Stock Trading Online

Day trading may be the buying and selling of stocks, providers and other financial instruments within the same trading day. Daytime traders are what individuals traders who practice this particular are commonly called, although the majority of traders who take longer jobs often also only keep shares for short period of that time period.

So the time has come that you should diversify your investments? Maybe you have been thinking this intended for a while, or perhaps you are brand-new at this, either way, you need to take a seat and figure out what you want to get and what you want to do to get what you need. There are plenty of options to get you started. You are able to of course stick to online investing. Online investment trading is just like any other investing expect it is done on-line. When trading online you can generally have a broker. But rather of meeting your agent in their office, you will fulfill them online. You still have to research your broker and discover about their credentials plus references, but it generally simpler to do so online.

Home traders can easily join

Day investors are usually bank investment workers or those in the account management sector. This was therefore before the rise of how to invest in stocks online in which home traders can easily join without actually visiting the trading floor.

When you have acquired the necessary knowledge, have to see how to select a good agent and learn how to deal with purchase purchases, sales, and timing. Continuously calculate your purchase costs on a “net” basis beforehand and know the consequences associated with interpreting an event on a share price (Fed meeting, joblessness figures, natural disaster, and so forth ).

CFDs assist especially when you trading with all the momentum. This entire indicates is that you notice that the share is on an uptick so you expect it to remain therefore for some time at least. You can quickly get into and exit the industry with only 10% in advance payment. In a matter of minutes, you may have made percentage returns which are enviable if you look at cd investment calculator rates.

What do you know only by the central bank? The Central financial institution is the bank which governs other banks in the country. Within our country, RBI is the leading bank. It has its head office at Mumbai and the subsequent are the functions of RBI namely – currency notice issue, banker to the banking institutions, financial adviser to the federal government, custodian of cash supplies of banks, a lender from the last resort and control of credits etc.

The second aspect is to finding a good trading course is to find a good organization that will offer a great cash back guarantee. This guarantee will be such as some proof. If a typical company says “hey, accomplish this product and if you don’t enjoy it, I’ll refund all your money”, I would probably by the item and see if I like it. There are an easy way out if I can’t stand it. An excellent online trading course will make this provide. The reason I believe in a cash back guarantee is that the company feels therefore strongly in their product, they are willing to make the customer delighted. Some programs just want to make your money. As soon as they get a money, boom, they are eliminated. The good thing is that there are companies available that provide both of these factors.

Heidelberg – Interest rates have been on the decline for years. At least in the interest on savings, a real turnaround is currently not apparent. Therefore, do not let too much money simmer at puny interest rates on the current or overnight money account. But how much money belongs to which account?

Picture: Young couple calculates costs 

First, all incoming payments land on the checking account – from the monthly salary to the tax refund. Credit interest rates are hard to get here. Therefore too much money should not remain here.

Current account should not slip into the downside

Just plan for so much buffer that you do not immediately break an unscheduled charge. Because that can be the banks pay dearly. If at the end of an ordinary month, with normal incoming and outgoing payments, there are around $ 1,000 left, you are in very good shape.

Another savings tip: If your bank charges for the current account, you should think about a change. The account change works quickly and conveniently – especially if the new bank offers a digital exchange service.

To the advisor: Account change – easier change thanks to account change service

Even though more and more banks have recently introduced new fees for their checking account, they still exist – the all-around free offers. When making a selection, do not just make sure that the new bank does not charge any account maintenance fees. The giro and the credit card should not cost anything. As a small treat some banks even reward the change with a new customer bonus, which is credited to the new account.

Simple rule of thumb for the call money account

Your “iron reserve,” which you need to keep running smoothly at all times – for example, in the event that costly repairs to house or car pending. As a rule of thumb: Three net monthly salaries are the perfect investment for the daily allowance.

Again, it is worth the comparison provider. Especially many branch banks pay no more interest on the daily allowance. In the worst case, even negative interest rates threaten. For the best overnight money offers customers currently receive at least 0.6 percent interest (as of March 2018). With an investment amount of 10,000 euros makes the interest income of 60 euros a year. You should not miss it without any trouble.

Deposit no longer than two years

Slightly higher interest rates You can not dispose of your money during the term. Basically, the longer the term, the better the interest rate. Nevertheless, you should not invest your savings for more than two years in the current low-interest phase. Otherwise, you may miss the rally once interest rates rise again.

To the advisor: interest rate development and interest rate forecast for savings and loan interest

The best 2-year fixed-term offers at least almost offset inflation. So you avoid at least a significant loss in value of your savings. As a form of investment, time deposits are particularly suitable for money reserves that you will need again in the medium term – for example, for a new car or a complex house renovation. With current top offers (March 2018) you can look forward to interest income of 260 euros after 2 years (investment amount: 10,000 euros).

For a deposit comparison

Achieve higher returns in the long term

Anyone looking for returns well above the inflation rate can invest part of their assets in investment funds. As a base product for small investors especially cheap index funds (ETF) are well suited. Important here is a long-term investment strategy of at least ten years. You can then simply sit out short-term price losses.

To the guide: funds as investment – how to find the optimal funds

An analysis of the Deutsches Aktieninstitut shows that savings in equities are not an incalculable risk: Anyone who has bought the mix of the defaults of the German stock index DAX and has held for at least 15 years has never been in the black in terms of sales.

Nevertheless, you should never put everything on a map when investing. A solid portfolio always consists of at least two components – one for the return and one equipped with safe investments. Find out more in our guide:

Wealth Purchase Management Strategies For Doctors

If your cash loans accepted are frequently transmitted to your bank account the next business day, and not come back the cash until the next salary. The car title loans no credit check minimum required transaction will be deducted from your bank account. You can get money when you want this most and repay if you have. Now you’re prepared for any fast payday loans easy payday loan easily within one hour?

When I said previously that an investor indirectly will pay the MER, what I supposed by that is that it is not really a voluntary payment or one which is negotiable. It is used by the fund company to protect expenses and you as the trader have no control over this. This is just not a bad thing, but you should know about the MER you are having to pay. As an investor, you usually do not receive any advantages for this expense other than the actual performance of the mutual finance such as the ability to deduct this from your income like another professional fee.

Community investment management services Forex Trading Robots may trade for you, and to your own rules, freeing up your period sat in front of a computer. The Forex Trading Robot is automatic software that trades twenty-four hours a day according to the rules that you established for it.

Not doing plenty of research when applying for financial loans. Many people regret having applied for a loan quickly before searching for others. A one or two percent difference in the annual price might seem small at first, but if you act like you do the math, you will know that the one or two percent may possibly translate into hundreds and even thousands that you could have saved make into your wealth creation accounts.

The reason is the mutual account you were in last year carried out poorly due to the economy as well as the sector such as large businesses. For example, no credit check loans online fast large companies might have been on a downturn while little companies were the top investment firms area for that year. Nevertheless, the next year the opposite might be true when large businesses are on the upswing and little companies lagging.

Don’t let your feelings play a part in your investments. Keep in mind that this is a business and if you’re in this to make money. Weight loss let yourself make poor decisions that are solely depending on your emotions. Learn to separate your feelings from your decision making so that you can possess a clear mind.

Futures contracts on the CME Team Inc. exchange showed the declined 36 percent possibility. The Fed has kept their maintenance of a range of entirely no to 0. 25 percent considering that December 2008. It targeted at propping up the economic recuperation.