Lipi of the Dokidemi series of facial cleansing facial wash and lotion is the second time!
I am doing mask gel only for essence so pores are also a type that is concerned about pores ☆ The
acne has become much harder to be able to do and it is good to have skin recently ruined.
pores are not conspicuous than before Directly below.The skin is a type that is oily type and is not troubled with drying. I do not know if it will be helpful …

However, I did not fit the make-up of the grasshopper tree fruit so much –
anything might not suit you.myself I also change the amount of lotion and essence according to the condition of my skin.I would like to select the one that suits me for the flowers of the grass and flowers, and I want to use it that suits me.I would like to use the support center next time.


Flowers of grasses are cosmetics of natural materials born from Japanese traditional plants

The flower tree fruit (or so) is a skin care series using traditional plants known for its medicinal ingredients. Some plants in Katakana that have recently been reported from abroad are not clear how they are cultivated and are concerned about pesticides. In that respect, the flowers used in the flowers are blended with Japanese plant ingredients that the rich nature of Japan blessed, so purity of natural materials is different. Yuzu, green tea, Dawn, wormwood … all are familiar names by food and drink. Cosmetics are like meals for the skin. We continue to make cosmetics under the policy that only the truly safe raw material is used for cosmetics.

Washing face soap and green tea are the ones that understand the attitude of the flowers of cypress flowers to cosmetics well. With green tea extract and green tea catechin, it is made by taking the maximum power of tea. Because it is a mature soap made over time, it has origami with fineness of foaming. A long-selling agent that is 10 years old since the launch of the facial cleansing soap and green tea is a long seller, once you can use this soap, you can not release it anymore, saying that substituting other soap will make your skin feel worse, the repeater continues to use The reputation spread widely in the word of mouth. When bubbling, smell of refreshing green tea smells slightly, so you can soak in the healed feel like aromatherapy.

The skin care series of the flowers and flowers, the fragrance of the aroma oil of the plant. So it is not as tight as the artificially scented fragrance. Tar dye is also not used, and the color of cosmetics is the color that nature gave to plants.The plant flower tree which all was born from the blessing of nature is the perfect cosmetic product for people who are looking for delicate skin people and cosmetics made from natural ingredients.

Why aged soap

The most popular basic cosmetics in the flowers of the grass flowers are facial cleansing soap and green tea. It was able to wash about 100 times at 100 g, the price is reasonable, but the secret of popularity apparently seems to be in another place. It is because facial cleansing soap and green tea are framed matured soap, so foam stands outstandingly fine. Fluffy bubbles like marshmallow whip stand up so if you gently blow foam on your face and gently wash your face, you will feel that extra sebum and dirt will fall off.

It is very troublesome and time-consuming to have framed mature soap. The ordinary soap is kneaded with a machine and dried to finish it. Framed and matured soap, after pouring the liquid dissolving soap raw material into the frame, cool and solidify it. But, once set, it is not complete. We do not ship the hardened soap immediately, as if it were to be aged like a wine or cheese. Why aged soap? It is because the alkaline component is removed by aging, it becomes mild and the moisturizing power increases.

The aging period takes more than one month, sometimes it takes two months or so. Like a vintage wine, it is romantic soap to quietly await aging while sleeping.

Catechin blended in facial soap and green tea is a medicinal ingredient that has attracted attention recently as it has antioxidant properties to protect the body from harmful substances. Ultraviolet protection measures not only paint sunscreen but also make strong skin that can not be defeated even when exposed to ultraviolet rays. With wash-off soap / green tea, let’s smell of your day while being healed by the scent of tea.